Easy Ridge Trail Miles at Vargas Plateau

The short, disconnected segment of the Bay Area Ridge Trail Trail at Vargas Plateau Regional Park rests in the hills above Fremont. The trail passes through open pastureland and features rugged stone outcroppings. It also features panoramic views of East Bay suburbs and hills, and the San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds.

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Our Journal

Our hike on the Bay Area Ridge Trail at Vargas Plateau marked a return to the East Bay after a hot summer spent enjoying cooler trails on the San Francisco Peninsula and in Marin County.

The outing included our first view of the San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds, our first drive across the Dumbarton Bridge, and the unique ambiance of the East Bay grasslands.

We were glad to get an early start as the largely unshaded trail heated up quickly. The hike was was short, easy and pleasant after a summer spent navigating more difficult Ridge Trail segments.

Vargas Plateau includes panoramic views of suburbia and San Francisco Bay. Dan Page/CoastsideSlacking

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Our Progress Hiking the Bay Area Ridge Trail – 155.5 out of 390 miles


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