Welcome to Coastside Slacking, a lifestyle and travel blog inspired by people, places and things to do Coastside on the San Francisco Peninsula and beyond.

Dawn (TheGeek) is a food lover, world traveler, obsessive cook, amateur photographer and (whenever she can get away with it) slacker. She loves living on the Northern California coast, enjoying an abundance of great food, amazing scenery and laid back people.

Dan (MontaraManDan) is a former journalist and media relations guru who is excited to return to his reporting and writing roots in the digital age. In addition to spending time with family and friends, he enjoys travel, gardening, baseball, dining out and hiking the hills and beaches near his home.

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  1. Just ran into your blog. Very nice. Interesting writer. Makes me want to come for a visit. Glad you are having fun.

  2. Thanks Dan and Dawn. Your writing is personal and interesting and engaging and I’m enjoying the beautiful photos Dawn is posting. Glad you enjoyed the eclipse and sorry Grumpa wasn’t with you in person – I’m sure he was there in spirit.

  3. Thanks to your Christmas card, I have begun following your blog. Look forward to binging on posts to catch up. Bravo for you!

    1. We had a wonderful day with Hal! The reservoir hike is amazing and we really appreciate Hal for volunteering to guide us. Let us know if you want to hike together some time. – Dawn

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