Rancho Corral de Tierra

Sample the joys of the Coastside with a Family-Friendly Stroll on the Old Road

Not much time? Have a toddler or infant in tow? Try the family-friendly stroll along Old Pedro Mountain Road from Montara to Martini Creek through Rancho Corral de Tierra, the newest addition to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Once the primary route between Montara and Pacifica, the aging pavement remains stroller and bicycle friendly, the grade is minimal and the walk will give you a taste of numerous Coastside charms.

Distance/Difficulty: 0.7 miles one way/easy

Trailhead: Start your walk in Montara at the end of the last active nub of Old Pedro Mountain Road, which begins at the intersection of Birch and Drake streets. Parking is available on neighboring streets, but please do not block driveways.

Notable Features:

  • Small groves of thick, gnarled cypress and towering eucalyptus trees lean in along sections of the trail.
  • An active three-year effort to restore native grassland, wildflowers and wetland plants on a hillside just east of the trail.
  • Ocean View Farms, a privately owned working ranch with stables and other farm animals in the shadow of Montara Mountain. Stay on the trail. Do NOT feed the animals.
  • A field of Brussel sprouts (in season)
  • A view of the ocean with glimpses of crashing surf at Montara State Beach.
  • A shaded bridge over Martini Creek with more rigorous trails beyond.



The trail is shared by horseback riders, who always have the right of way, and is a favorite of local dog-walkers, not all of whom abide by leash requirements. It also serves as a thoroughfare for mountain bikers who enjoy the challenge of Montara Mountain.

Historical note:

Old Pedro Mountain Road is the remnant of the first automobile accessible route between Pacifica and Montara. The first pavement for the roadbed was poured more than 100 years ago.

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